2020  Danza no Claustro

Cloister of Santa María de Xunqueira de Espadanedo · Ourense

August 21, 2020 · 20.30h

Danza no Claustro is an exclusive stage proposal, a process of creation and research that takes place annually in the Cloister of San Francisco, in the city of Ourense: inhabiting the cloister with dance.


International and local artists develop a stage proposal together, sharing their knowledge and experience in a historical and important space for the city of Ourense.


This programming is carried out annually in June, since 2013, in the Cloister of San Francisco with the collaboration of the Concellería de Cultura del Concello de Ourense.


 In 2020 and due to the circumstances derived from COVID-19, only the extension planned in Xunqueira de Espadanedo may be held. 


On this occasion, the invited company is Tejido Conectivo from Madrid (Andrea Amor and Miguel Ángel Punzano) with their piece Plena.


Creation and interpretation: Andrea Amor and Miguel Ángel Punzano

Duration: 20 min.

Let the dance of all bodies echo.

Let the dance of silence empty us.

Let the dance set all dogma on fire.

May we dress in the dance of the naked, to embrace all artifice.

Let a dance cross the border for us.

May the forbidden dance embrace us, the dance of the marginal.

Let the dance of dust and sweat return.

Let the dance of bones rumble.

Let us be surprised by a dance for flies for butterflies, for the small, for the unseen.

May the dance of every day be eternal.

Let the dance knock down the walls of your own culture.

May the dance of the naive soften us.

May the dance of co-habitation lift us up, that pulverizes everything uninhabitable. Let no one's dance be celebrated.

May the dance of the grandmothers nurture us.

Let us find the dance of babbling, of bad handwriting.

Let the dance appear in front of the wall of fog.

May the dance of the subtle protect us.

Let the dance shake all pretense of eloquence.

May a dance set us free without justification.

Let a dance resound that annihilates our shame.





Erick Jiménez

Maruxa Salas


Víctor López Carbajales

Manu Lago


Manu Lago

Fotografía Salas




INAEM - Ministerio de Cultura


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