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Danza no Claustro is a project of the SóLODOS Cultural Platform.

It was born in the Cloister of San Francisco in the city of Ourense in June 2013, as a scenic proposal that values ​​the architectural heritage through dance and since then it has been performed annually.


Landscapes full of history and uniqueness of the province of Ourense are the context for international and local artists, together with the communities, to build a common cultural project. The artists, after a process of creation and artistic research in the different cloisters and spaces, carry out an exhibition of their creative work.


Danza no Claustro is an exclusive cultural program for the communities, strengthening cultural events in the area.


Dance as a cultural engine that enhances the history of the place, its people, its beauty, its uniqueness... A different way of looking at architecture and historical heritage through dance, movement.


Danza no Claustro is currently held in the Cloister of Santa María de Xunqueira de Espadanedo -illustrations at the top of this website-, Cloister of Santa María de Melón and in the Cloister of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil, all of them in the province of Ourense - Galicia - Spain.

Danza no Claustro is a guest festival of the Red Acieloabierto since 2021.

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