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Creation for UNA Danza Joven, National University of Costa Rica.

Premiered April 2013.


Choreography: SóLODOS and CUATRO x CUATRO
Performers: Sendic Vázquez, Shantí Vera, Maruxa Salas & Erick Jiménez
Sound Space / music composed: Mercedes Peón, Julián Ávila and Rafael Cameras
Production: Víctor López Carbajales 
Lenght: 45 minutos - Contemporary Dance

AZUL, 2012

Revival UNA Danza Joven, National University of Costa Rica.

Premiered October 20,  2012.

VACUO, 2012

Revival Dance National Company of Costa Rica.

Choreography: Maruxa Salas.

Direction: Erick Jiménez and Maruxa Salas.

Premiered September 13, 14, and 15 2012 at the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar in San José, Costa Rica.


Revival National Ballet of Cuba.

Choreography: Maruxa Salas.

Premiere May 5 and 6,  2012 at the Gran Teatro in La Habana.

SEIS de CATRO, 2011

The SEiSdeCATRO project is composed of six artists and four companies. The artists Erick Jiménez, Maruxa Salas, Rut Balbís, Alexis Fernández, Caterina Varela and Henrique Peón make up this project. The dance companies that give life to SEiSdeCATRO are: Solodos, Pisando Ovos, La Macana and Quique Peón Cía. These four companies, which share a residence in Galicia, are associated with the SEISdeCATRO project to create a show that breaks boundaries and thus share and exchange their creative work with each other and with the public, the show SEiSdeCATRO.

SYNOPSIS: Planes of reality and fantasy, daily moments combined with an unreal world, which leads us through unexpected paths. The facts are real but have a fantastic connotation, since some have no explanation, or are very unlikely to occur. The truth does not seem true simply because it is true, but by the way it is said. SEiSdeCATRO, different roots in one place.

Cocreation: La Macana, Pisando Ovos, Sólodos, Quique Peón Cía.
Performers: Erick Jiménez, Maruxa Salas, Rut Balbís, Alexis Fernández, Caterina Varela y Henrique Peón
Production: Victor López Carbajales 
Assistant Production: Carla Sánchez 
Lighting: Rubén Rayán
Music: SOYUZ 
Graphic Design: Gustavo Vargas 
Artistic assitant in Costa Rica: Nandayure Harley and Fito Guevara
Costume: PSICODELIA Coruña 
Coproduction:  Neodans S.C. and Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais. 

Neodans S.C. and Teatro de La Danza Compañía Nacional de Danza/ Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud de Costa Rica.  Creation residence by XXIV Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid Award, España. 

With the support of Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, Paso a 2, Centro LSD IN Movement, Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Henares, Concello de Oleiros, Concello de A Coruña, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Normal, Universidad de A Coruña, Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, Teatro para la Danza del Ministerio de Cultura Juventud y Deportes de Costa Rica, Ministerio de Turismo Costa Rica, Plataforma Internacional Real, Centro de Cooperación Internacional Español en Costa Rica, UNA Danza Joven, PSICODELIA Coruña, AGADIC, Xunta de Galicia.


Artistic direction and Choreography: Maruxa Salas & performers: Amparo Novas / Carmela García, Manuel Garzón, Maruxa Salas & Erick Jiménez
Lighting Desing: Santiago Mañasco
Lighting Technician: Rubén Rayán 
Comunication: Fátima Varela 
Production and management: Víctor López Carbajales
Lenght: 60 minutes.

SóLODOS, small tales danced is a show made up of different pieces of contemporary dance, they are short stories danced by only two people.

Caracola, Nozomi, Mareia and Vigilia en Ausencia are the dance pieces that make up the show. One of these pieces, Caracola, was awarded with different prizes.

With the support of: AGADIC Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais, Xacobeo 2010 Galicia, Consellería de Cultura y Turismo Xunta de Galicia. INAEM, Ministerio de Cultura and Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y Música. Collaborators: Concello de Oleiros and Concello de Ferrol. 

SóLODOS was selected by the Dance Commision of the National Theather Network of Spain and the Galician Theather Network. It was presented at the Encuentro Centroamericano y del Caribe para la Danza, celebrated in Costa Rica in june 2010 and  International Platform for Choreographers de Almada, Portugal, on september 2010 and  22. Festival Internacional de Ballet in La Habana 2010. 


The soul only becomes individual during the brief time in which we manage to contain it ... but as soon as it tends to overflow ... it becomes collective ... from my body to your body, as one that is confused in the whole and in each one of us.

Choreography: Maruxa Salas / Erick Jiménez
Lenght: 16 minutes 
Music: Mercedes Peón
Costume: SóLODOS 

Finalist Choreography Competition of Madrid 2010.

AZUL, 2010

Choreography Maruxa Salas and Erick Jiménez.

Created to UNA Danza Joven of the National University of San José in Costa Rica.

Premiered June 25, 2010 at the Anfiteatro of CENAC, Ministerio de Cultura of San José in Costa Rica.


Choreography Maruxa Salas.

Created to Summer International Dance New York-Burgos, on July in 2010.


Choreography Erick Jiménez.

Created to Joven Compañía Gerard Collins of Valencia.

Premiered in Dansa Valencia 2010.

NOZOMI, 2009

Nozomi talks about the value of time and the moment in the images of our mind.
In a moment everything can happen or nothing happens.

Choreography: Maruxa Salas / Erick Jiménez
Lenght: 13 minutes 
Music: Julián Ávila Sausor
Costume: SóLODOS 

Premiered at the Real Monasterio of El Escorial, Madrid.

LA8, 2009

Choreography Erick Jiménez.

Created to the Centro Coreográfico Galego.

Premiered at the Rosa de los Vientos of La Torre de Hércules, Empape 09 Festival.


ZICO, 2008

Choreography Erick Jiménez.

Created to the Facultad de Danza of the National University of  Costa Rica.


Choreography Erick Jiménez.

Created to the Luis Seoane Foundation,  Empape 08 Festival in collaboration with the Centro Coreográfico Galego.


Choreography Erick Jiménez.

Performance to Festival Mov´s 08, celebrated in the Isla de San Simón.


VACUO, 2007

Choreography Maruxa Salas.

Created to the Centro Coreográfico Galego.


Choreography Erick Jiménez.

MAREIA, 2004

Roads that run parallel and cross, where it stops and does not stop, where you get everything and you have nothing, where you float and sink, where some stay and others continue. Decisions that arise and choices that we make, like currents of a "something" that moves us ... We move by impulses, but ... where will that sea that hits my life like a crazy drum that gravitates drowsily between laughter and crying…

Choreography: Maruxa Salas / Erick Jiménez
Lenght: 11 minutes 
Music: Nitin Sawhney 
Costume: SóLODOS 


Choreography Maruxa Salas.

In repertoire of the Nationa Ballet of Cuba. Neodans.


2º Awerd IV Certamen Internacional de Coreografía New York-Burgos 2005 

3º Award III Certamen de Creación Coreográfica de Galicia 2005

Especial Mention Concurso Iberoamericano de Coreografía CIC 04/SGAE.

MINUBE, 2003

Choreography Maruxa Salas and Iván Pérez.

1º Award II Certamen Internacional de coreografía New York-Burgos.

Performed at the Teatro Madrid, “Coreógrafos del Siglo XXI y XIX Festival de Ballet de La Habana.


Choreography Maruxa Salas and Iván Pérez.

Special Award Teatro de Madrid and 1º  Award Certamen Jóvenes Creadores

Programada en X Aniversario Teatro Madrid and XVIII Festival de Ballet de La Habana.

KALA, 2000

Choreography Erick Jiménez.

1º Award Certamen Coreográfico de Ribarroja, Valencia.

Choreography Maruxa Salas.

Created to the Centro Andaluz de Danza, premiered at the Teatro Central, Sevilla.

Lose us
dream and wake up
Cry ... and laugh a lot
live so much together ...
Where we want and hope
to finally find us
Where do I greet you ... you say hello
in me and you ... CARACOLA.

The great spiral of things. The cyclic cycle of the cosmos ... the contradiction is part of the immediate present, the natural balance of time ... each thing is an apex of the infinite ... conch shell is spiral, the sea, we ... a mirror of totality. .. our reflection ...

Choreography: Maruxa Salas / Erick Jiménez 
Lenght: 13 minutes 
Music: Rodrigo Leao 
Costume: Ruth D. Pereira 
Awards: Audience award of I Certamen de Interpretación y Creación de Andalucía 07. Interpretation award of RCH Certamen Coreográfico New York- Burgos 07. 

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