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2017  Sólodos En Danza Ourense

International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Contest of Creation of Duets and Solos

Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

  november 22, 23 and 24, 2017


Erick Jiménez

Maruxa Salas


Afonso Castro


Manu Lago


Sólodos and Concellaría de Cultura of Concello de Ourense



10H / Professional Workshop - Master Class Physical Endless with Victoria P. Miranda

Space: Sala Principal / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schedule: 10 - 11.30 h


12H / Forum - Sólodos en Danza Project presentation

Space: Sala Vermella / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schedule: 12 - 14 h

For all publics


Paula Quintas / Laura Lliteras and Marina Fullana - UnaiUna / Héctor Plaza and Agnés Sales / Miguel Ángel Punzano - Tejido Conectivo

Director of Dance National Company of Costa Rica: Adrián Figueroa 

Festival Trayectos and Red a Cielo Abierto: Natividad Buill 

Sólodos En Danza artist awarded: Victoria P. Miranda


18H / Studente Workhsop -  Contact Dance with Miguel Ángel Punzano - Tejido Conectivo

Space: Sala Apego / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schedule: 18 - 19.15 h




11H / Función Xove - Show to vote the AWARD XOVE 2017

Space: Sala Principal / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schelude: 11 - 12.30 h

With the support of Concellaría de Educación of Concello de Ourense.


16.30H / Professional Workshops - Master Class Corpo Sutil with Miguel Ángel Punzano

Space: Sala Apego / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schelude: 16.30 - 18 h


18H / Student Workshops  - workshop Urban Dance with Agnés Sales and Héctor Plaza

Space: Sala Apego / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Shelude: 18 - 19 h


20.30H / Gala SóLODOS EN DANZA


Guest artist at the last edition of the SÓLODOS EN DANZA Festival in Costa Rica


Retrospective scene. ANALEPSIS, raises the story connecting different moments and moving the action to the past. Birelational Body-Object.

Music: Alva Noto and Olafur Arnals.

Duration: 13 minutes



SÓLODOS EN DANZA Award at the International Choreography Competition Burgos - New York 2016.

EHIZA is a power struggle, a constant persecution between predator and prey. A continuous change of role and interaction between two bodies. It is a struggle where the strategic use of agility, strength, speed take importance.

Music: Johan Johannsson, Trentemoller and Old Apparatus

Duration: 13 minutes



SÓLODOS EN DANZA Award at the International Choreography Competition Burgos - New York 2017

Only part of the choreography "Sentinel", which deals with the four primary elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air. In this extract, centered on water, the different states, forms or textures in which this essential substance is presented are described and interpreted in terms of urban dance. An element that, like movement, can be liquid and adaptable, solid and rigid like a rock, gaseous and volatile, that can flow, that can evaporate, that can give life or, at the same time, remove it.

Original music: Diego Garrido

Duration: 14 minutes



Award winning artists in SÓLODOS EN DANZA / OURENSE / 2016

The "guiris" are those with whom you can cross a seafront wearing sandals with red socks and a reddish skin tone.The guiris are those that come with a route prepared by a guiri, who are guided by a guiri who he takes them with other people to see things about him, but if we travel outside: We are guiris, do you have a term to refer to us?

They are still guiris in their own country?

Music: The Pekenikes (Transoceanic Train to Bucaramanga).

Choreography assistant: Raquel Klein

Duration: 15 minutes



SÓLODOS EN DANZA Award at the International Choreography Competition Burgos - New York 2014

"The real, the imaginary and the symbolic" (Jacques Lacan).

"The real world is much smaller than the world of the imagination" (Nietzsche).

Sometimes you feel so full that you think you can with everything. Then comes the moment of not knowing where to go ........... And then, you run out of air ....... "

As simple as it is!
Without thinking, without giving an explanation to everything, arrive and do!

And that's why I'm here today!

Music: Pansonic and Digger Barnes

Duration: 15 minutes



11H / Professional Workshops - Master Class Korpuz Asma with Mikel Arístegui

Space: Sala Principal / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schelude: 11 - 12.30 h


18H / Student Workshops  - workshop about Contemporary dance with Laura Lliteras and Marina Fullana - UnaiUna

Space: Sala Apego / Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

Schelude: 18 - 19.15 h


21.30H / Contest of Creation of Duets and Solos in Contemporary Dance

·Opening with the awarded choreography  DOSIS, Award SóLODOS EN DANZA / Ourense / 2016

Creation and dancers:  Marina Fullana and Laura Lliteras - UnaiUna

Work based on the madness that every woman has. In relationships and the different states that live day to day. The two bodies play to be one with two different roles.
They intertwine and look for common inflection points, where both intersect as they travel their personal path. Points of relationship that end up being addictive and necessary, that transform a relationship into a vital escape to survive. 


·CONTEST OF Creation of Duets and Solos / finalists

DO YOU UNDERSTAND ANYTHING? I TRY... |  Creation and Interpretation: Alejandra Balboa

"Do you understand anything? I try ... "has as a stimulus sign language as a way of expressing an introspective conflict that provokes in the interpreter the need to question each decision made, derived from the general dissatisfaction at a social and personal level, without any qualms in showing his indifference in front of the opinions of the rest.

"A bad reading of the situation. The correct reading is that I just do not understand it. Absolutely".

I´M NOT A KID ANYMORE | Creation and Interpretation: Arnau Pérez

A human being expresses through himself an initial idea based only on its superficial aspect. But is maturity found within that body or is it an element created by external perception? Am I already an adult? I am no longer a child but I do not want to stop being one either.

QUE NO TE HE DICHO | Creation and Interpretation: Anna Sagrera and Carla López · Colectivo kä | Interpretation: Anna Sagrera and Helena Gispert

We speak of the narrow line that separates a healthy maternal-filial relationship and a relationship of overprotection, a concept that is questioned through everyday family situations. "What I have not told you" is a piece of dance with touches of theater that begins in a reflexive way. We put into question the doubts of a first-time mother presenting the character and listening to a clear and direct text. We had fun knowing the character of the daughter who gives back to the older children and makes the little ones laugh. We travel in the evolution of the girl passing through everyday scenes, such as eating breakfast, and arriving at the shame of others that came to us when our parents leave us in evidence.



Creation and Interpretation: Diego M. Buceta

Just as Allen dreamed of Rockland and a long trip by sea to the door of his country house in the night of the West, I dream of arriving after a long journey to that rocky landscape where it no longer sounds but the hum of the wind . A bag of bones that wanders dragged like a living corpse and that seeks to rise and disappear, mixing with dust and stars. And so stop being something. And so be happily part of everything.


OMNIA Y QUIMERA | Creation: Irene García-La Quebrá

Interpretation: Irene Garcia and Raquel Santacruz

We play to fill the gap that remains between two distant bodies, a chimera because perhaps they can not even touch each other but the space that remains between them is full of games, illusions, fantasy, brightness, dreams ... that space is full of the young spirit of what one day was ... "Libertas perfundet OMNIA looks" (liberty fills all with light).


ON | Creation and Interpretation: Alba Fernández Cotelo - Cía Exire

Suddenly, a single finger lights every part of my body. Its energy takes my viscera to experience a jolt as powerful as the minimum force that causes violent hurricanes. They are the subtle gestures that surround the atmosphere of caresses and vital energy. I invite you to enter my body without compassion. You go in and walk around, you watch, you explode. Come, come ... Rock my body, so that it moves differently, and transport me to another place.


·Participative action and Voting of the Audience Award conducted by Mikel Arístegui - "NÓS TAMÉN"

The dancer and choreographer M. Arístegui will animate a participatory action related to the pieces represented and the voting of the new "Prize of the Public". That will require will and remove the fear to go on stage in addition to a dose of humor. The most striking images, the general idea of the piece, the male / female roles and the combination of music, costumes and lights will be points of reference for this participatory action at the same time as criteria for public voting.


·Entrega de Premios

Award SóLODOS EN DANZA / OURENSE / 2017: Alba Fernández Cotelo by ON

Award of the Public: Alba Fernández Cotelo by ON

Award Xove: Arnau Pérez by I'm not a kid anymore

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