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International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Contest of Creation of Duets and Solos

May 4th, 2013 - Costa Rica


Creation Contest in Contemporary Dance of Solos and Duets "SÓLODOS EN DANZA / Barva


SÓLODOS EN DANZA is an urban choreographic contest, which is introduced for the first time in Costa Rica. It is a unique activity because of its characteristics, where the community, artists, cultural institutions and private companies come together in a social and artistic project that promotes collective work among guilds, favoring the population in general. A total of about 300 artists collaborated with the contest. In addition to the contest, this day an intervention of Dance for A Young Dance of the School of Dance of the National University, they were responsible for the opening of the contest in the park of Barva. At night and with the awards ceremony, a dance gala was held in the Barva de Heredia Park, around the event, where the National Dance Company participated, A Young Dance from the Dance School of the National University and the young choreographer Kimberly Ulate Molina.



A total of 37 choreographies from 10 different countries were presented to the contest. Only 9 pieces of Dance were selected to participate as finalists:

1. AJENO / Jorge Sánchez and Mariela Argüello, Costa Rica.

2. ANONYMOUS (Improvised) / Estefanía Dondi, Costa Rica.

3. ETÉREA / Marko Fonseca and José Raúl Martínez, Costa Rica- El Salvador.

4. ESTELA / Maura González, Mexico.

5. SUSHI WITH CANTONÉS / Laura Garrigues and Yul Gatjens, Costa Rica.

6. FLORES / Alejandra Flores, Mexico.

7. HABLAME / Diego Carlini and Carla Pucci, Argentina.

8. 1/4 / Daisy Servigna, Venezuela.

9. YONKIT / Bryan Chavarría and Camilo Regueyra, Costa Rica.








SóLODOS and NEODANS S.C. / Spain - Costa Rica

Direction: Maruxa Salas and Erick Jiménez

Production: Víctor López Carbajales




Municipality of Barva de Heredia

Recoprimax S.A.,

National Dance Company

School of Dance and ONE Young Dance of the National University of Costa Rica

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Moving Borders

Cuatro x Cuatro Festival / Contemporary Scenic Art

Festival Contact Teu

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Festival Trayectos

Corpo A Terra Festival

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International Choreography Competition Burgos & New York


kimberly Ulate

Fernando Frías and the Barveñas Families Zárate-Murillo and Rodríguez-Villalobos, who have welcomed into their homes the international artists who participated in the contest.

2013  Sólodos En Danza Costa Rica

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