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June 20 and 21, 2019 · 20.30h

Cloister of San Francisco · Ourense · Spain


FRONTERAS Y MUJERES / Peace of Mind & Pájaro Mosca / Spain-México / Preview

Choreographers and performers: Paula Pérez Pinilla, Carmina Gimeno Latas, Noemi Sánchez Cárdenas and Elisa Medina Hudgins. Coproduction with: Festival Trayectos Zaragoza y Sólodos En Danza.


Fronteras y Mujeres starts from the need to engage in a conversation that carries the body and territory as flags, using as a starting point the previous work done by both companies regarding the search for new ways to update such variable, permeable and subjective concepts, as borders are by crossing, breaking or repairing.


LOS OJOS ABIERTOS DE ELLA / Pájaro Mosca / México 

Choreographer and performer: Noemí Sánchez Cárdenas


Exploration on the monstrosity. A search on the idea of ​​how it is that an emotion takes body, rhythm and muscle tone, seeking to reach real courage.


TONO / Pájaro Mosca / México 

Choreographer and performer: Elisa Medina Hudgins


We treat the world, objects and people of the world according to their proximity (and, I would add, their similarity) to ourselves. Similarity is a threat to the hierarchy.

EPHIMERO / Peace of Mind / Spain

Awarded with Public Prize and Xove Prize in SóLODOS En Danza Ourense 2018.

Creators and performers: Paula Pérez Pinilla and Carmina Gimeno Latas. 


The senses are the door between the human and the outside. Without words, when two people look each other, they establish a foundation of trust and communication. Through frangrance, sounds and simple touch, we travel to a world of memories and feelings that connect us, in the course of life. Fleeting thoughts submissive to a chronometer that balance us between the durable and the needles of the ephemeral.

HUMEDALES / Fran Martínez / Spain / Premiere

Creator and performer: Fran Martínez | With the support of: Centro Cultural Conde Duque + Coreógrafos en Comunidad, Centro Danza Canal. 


The wetlands are my holes. Slippery. Quiet. Hot. The border between hot and bloody meat and an airtight world. Everything is mystery to the observer, for whom his object of desire is not satisfied with anatomy books. The inside, all darkness, and the outside, that of so visible, indecipherable.

EM·NA / Colectivo Glovo / España-Portugal / Premiere

Choreographers and performers: Hugo Pires Pereira and Esther Latorre Fernández. 


"We are vibration, everything is vibration, and everything is impermanent, everything is in constant movement, our mind is also movement, and movement needs harmony to create efficiency, harmony is rhythm. Who knows how to manipulate the vibration can transform things around him. "

PEDESTRES / Costa Rica / Winner of  Sólodos En Danza Costa Rica 2019 Contest

Creation and performers: Lina Valverde and Camilo Regueyra


Portrait of the crowd in transit, paranoid Chepe collage.

In two bodies come all those who walk, the street and the city;

they move in geometries and to the rhythm of the city;

it is so much the accumulation of simultaneous gestures that they become extra-daily.






Erick Jiménez

Maruxa Salas


Manu Lago




Concellaría de Cultura de Concello de Ourense

INAEM - Ministerio de Cultura


Galicia Danza Contemporánea

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