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Peregrinus deErick Jiménez

Direction and creation

 Erick Jiménez

Performers and creators

Nacho Cárcaba, Carmina Gimeno,

Elisa Medina, Emi Ogura and Paula P. Pinilla



Maruxa Salas and Manu Lago

Peregrinus was Erick Jiménez's proposal for Danza en el camino to the International Choreography Contest Burgos-NY 2019, in which the choreographic proposals were adapted to the four spaces selected by the organization, making use of them and integrating them into the pieces.


Peregrinus is, therefore, a site specific piece, since the cast and structure will vary depending on where it is represented.


The work rescues the cultural importance and heritage through a contemporary scenic proposal that aims to impact the populations, relating the choreography, the scenic act with the context, the town, its square, its historical-religious importance, with the characteristics of Each place where the work will be exhibited and presented.


Who decides to make an extensive trip to reach a sacred place, the trip is also a condition of knowledge and a personal encounter ...

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