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2018  Sólodos En Danza Ourense

International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Contest of Creation of Duets and Solos

Municipal Auditorium of Ourense

  November, 23 and 24 2018






11.00 - 12.30am / Function XOVE Award / Main Hall:

· Function of the 6 finalist pieces for young audiences.

· Talk: At the end of the show there will be a talk with the artists in the Main Hall.

· Voting: Afterwards the students will vote for their favorite choreography, the winning piece will receive the Xove Prize SÓLODOS EN DANZA / OURENSE / 2018 that will be awarded on the 24th.

Activity carried out in coordination with the Concellaría de Educación - Concello de Ourense.


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm / Professional Training Program / Attachment Room:

Master Class by Mikel Aristegui in the Attachment Room for Finalist + Professional Dance Artists.


8.30pm / International Gala SÓLODOS EN DANZA / Ourense / 2018 / Main Hall. Choreographies and companies:

DON LIMPIO / Iron Skulls - Moisés "Moe" / Catalonia

Creacion and interpretation: Moisés "Moe" | Duration: 10 min.

The life of Don Limpio: Wash, clean, polish, sweep, rub, scrub, groom, clean, polish, ... & clean.


ON / Cía Exire - Alba Fernández Cotelo / Galicia / SóLODOS En Danza Award / OU / 2017

Creation and Interpretation: Alba Fernández Cotelo - Cía Exire | Duration: 10 min.

Suddenly, a single finger ignites every part of my body. Its energy takes my viscera to experience a jolt as powerful as the minimum force that causes violent hurricanes. They are the subtle gestures that surround the atmosphere of caresses and vital energy. I invite you to enter my body without compassion. You go in and walk around, you watch, you explode. Come, come ... Rock my body, so that it moves differently, and transport me to another place.


SE - NW / Tejido Conectivo - Miguel Ángel Punzano and Andrea Amor / Madrid

Direction, choreography and interpretation: Miguel Ángel Punzano and Andrea Amor | Sound design: Miguel Ángel Punzano | Lighting design: Virginia Rodríguez | Costume design: Irma Veiga | Duration: 15 min.

The Walk is a scenic experience about the poetics of walking. A piece of contemporary dance that takes place through three landscapes built on the dialogue between gravity and balance, the route and the architecture of the bodies. SE-NW is one of those landscapes.

In SE-NW, the idea of ​​Time and the idea of ​​Space: two concepts as inseparable as ungraspable rebel, become visible and palpable, use the bodies to make themselves manifest.


SIN MIEDOS / Iron Skulls - Diego Garrido / Catalonia

Direction, choreography and interpretation: Diego Garrido | Music: Nils Frahm - Says | Artistic residence: Auditorium San Martin, Barcelona | Better only at the Microdanza Contest of Madrid, 2015 | Duration: 9 min.

"The warrior knows that, after each confrontation, he will never be the same again." Sin Fear begins with the unresolved and premonitory steps of the individual who throws himself into uninhabited nudity. Without any guarantee of success, the artists, saddened and oppressed by a history of unresolved issues, undertake the necessary and risky journey towards the true identity of being. Drowning in the viscosity of his insecurities, the dancer will drag us into a turbulent intimacy in which the blackness only leads to a universe of grayish shades.


LAS VIUDAS /  Héctor Plaza and Agnés Sales / Catalonia

Creation and interpretation: Héctor Plaza and Agnés Sales | Duration: 15 min.

10am. This time nobody is going to knock on the door. Words that make up a girl's memories of her mother's reaction. For us, the trigger of a delirium that brings to light the imprint left by our experiences.




10.00 am - 11.00 am / Adults Training Program / Sala Apego

Master Class of Danza Contemporánea for adults/general public with Erick Jiménez - Sólodos 

12.00 am - 14.00 am / Foro SóLODOS / Sala Vermella

Participants: Erick Jiménez of Sólodos, Costa Rica - Ourense / Natividad Buil of  Festival Trayectos de Zaragoza and Red A Cielo Abierto (Network of contemporary dance festivals in unconventional spaces of Spain), Victor López Carbajales of Centro de Danza in Zaragoza / Rui Pires do Festival ContraDANÇA, Festival de Dança e Movemento Contemporâneo in Covilhã, Portugal / Cristina Samaniego of Espacio Espiral, Laboratorio Escénico y de Artes Afines in Santander/ Rebeca Martín Tassis  of Espacio Les Naves in Gijón.


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm / Professional Training Program / Sala Apego

Master Class of Tejido Conectivo - Miguel Ángel Punzano for Dance Professionals.


6:45 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. / Student Training Program / Sala Apego

Master Class of Tejido Conectivo - Miguel Ángel Punzano + Andrea Amor for Students of Dance Schools.


8.30pm / Duos and Solos Creation Contest / Main Hall:

· Cuando las aves oyen mi paso / Ricardo Flores / México - Portugal

Performers: Ricardo Flores and Diana Pinto

The piece talks about the game. In Mexico, it is common to hang shoes in the high tension wires as a tribute to those who left and left their shoes back, walking barefoot on the road to eternity. Through minimalist movements, the use of mimicry and scarce scenic elements, we explore something that goes beyond the ground floor, but that is not imaginary either - because our bodies exist, they perceive each other's presence, the others and their vibrations.


· Do you? / Irene Maestre Serrano and Luis Martínez Gea / Murcia - Cadete, Albacete.

Performers: Irene Maestre Serrano and Luis Martínez Gea | Choreography Awarded at the VII Festival Abril en Danza 2018 - Shows Young talents to participate as a finalist in Solodos En Danza / Ourense / 2018.

It deals with the ways of loving and how each being interprets it and the intensity of receiving it.

The definition of love, with a travel companion in this survival that is life, my point of view. We play with a saying: "MY MEDIA ORANGE", I do not share that saying since each one @ we are not halves because we are whole then each one can be an orange or any other fruit.


· Ática / Elvi Balboa and Lucía Bocanegra / Seville - Sanxenxo, Pontevedra

Performers: Elvi Balboa and Lucía Bocanegra

ÁTICA is the place where two strangers meet. TWO ends that come together in a game. A harmonious dialogue created by their differences. DANCE and space make this spontaneous story possible, this daily encounter.


· [tiempo] / Nacho Cárcaba / Asturias

Performer: Nacho Cárcaba

Time, living in the skin, in the bones, in what moves from one to another, living in their skin, in their bones, in what moves them, one and the other, ... discover a moment while others start to run in search of your time, that will inhabit your skin, your bones and move ... from one to another.


· Ephimero / Paula Pérez Pinilla and Carmina Gimeno Latas - Peace of Mind Company / Zaragoza

Performers: Paula Pérez Pinilla and Carmina Gimeno Latas

The senses are the door between the human being and the outside. Without words, when two people look each other in the eye, they establish a foundation of trust and communication. Through aromas, sounds and simple touch, we travel to a world of memories and feelings that connect us, in the course of life. Fleeting thoughts submissive to a chronometer that balance us between the durable and the needles of the ephemeral.


· Entre nosotros / Salvador Rocher / Santa Pola, Alicante

Performers: Melodía Garcia Sánchez and Salvador Rocher.

It is 7:00 p.m. we have landed in unknown terrain, observed and analyzed, the captain is restless and only seeks to return. However, I only see a new opportunity for change when we see ourselves surrounded by this new society. Maybe if we stay we will achieve it and if it does not work it does not matter, everything is between us.


· Performance of Invited Guests:

The invited companies and award-winning choreographies will perform before the awards ceremony:

I'M NOT A KID ANYMORE / Arnau Pérez / XOVE Award received at SóLODOS En Danza / OU / 2017 and choreography awarded at the International Choreography Competition Burgos & New York 2018.

Creation and interpretation: Arnau Pérez | Duration: 10 min.

A human being expresses through himself an initial idea based only on its superficial aspect. But is maturity found within that body or is it an element created by external perception? Am I already an adult? I am no longer a child but I do not want to stop being one either.


KINTSUGI / Iron Skulls / Choreography awarded at the International Choreography Competition Burgos & New York 2017.

Address: Iron Skulls Co | Choreography and interpretation: Adrián Vega, Moisés "Moe", Héctor Plaza "Buba", Diego Garrido and Agnés Sales Martín | Duration: 14 min.

Kintsugi is a Japanese technique of repairing objects dating back to the fifteenth century and a philosophy that argues that fissures and repairs are part of the history of an object and should not be hidden. These should embellish the object, revealing its transformation and its past. Interested in the new languages ​​and the limits of movement, Iron Skulls Co. immerses itself in the quintet format in the search for the relationship between technique, beauty and imperfection through dance.



SÓLODOS EN DANZA / OURENSE / 2018 Award to the choreography [Tiempo] created and performed by Nacho Cárcaba.

Audience Award to the choreography Ephimero created and performed by Paula Pérez Pinilla and Carmina Gimeno Lata -Cía Peace of Mind.

Young Award to the choreography Ephimero created and performed by Paula Pérez Pinilla and Carmina Gimeno Lata -Cía Peace of Mind.

Award: Finalist Danza en la Catedral - Bailando con Piedras / supported by Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos - New York to the choreography Cuando las aven oyen mi paso created by Ricardo Flores and performed by Ricardo Flores and Diana Pinto. 





Erick Jiménez

Maruxa Salas


Afonso Castro


Manu Lago


Sólodos and Concellaría de Cultura of Concello de Ourense





Concellaría de Educación  e Oficina de Turismo -  Concello de Ourense, AECID, Centro Cultural de España en Costa Rica, Trayectos Zaragoza, A Cielo Abierto, Tejido Conectivo, Certamen Coreográfico Burgos - NY, Galicia Danza Contemporánea y Pablo Salas Fotografía.

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