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2020  Sólodos En Danza Costa Rica

Contemporary Dance International Festival and Duets and Solos Creation Contest


SÓLODOS EN DANZA is an International Contemporary Dance Festival that, in 2020, is celebrated from March 11 to 14 in Barva de Heredia and from October 18 to November 5 in several provinces of the country. The Festival has a program specialized in scenic works by contemporary dance creators, it is also a cultural platform for cultural exchange and cooperation that works with different cultural artistic projects in Europe and America. SÓLODOS EN DANZA generates mobility and collaboration between public institutions, private companies, artists, dance festivals, environmental and social projects related to culture.

In this eighth edition the Festival includes different activities such as, Dance Class Marathon, programming by several provinces of Costa Rica, Laboratories, Workshops, Forums, Performances and Artistic Residences. In the Duets and Solos Creation Contest, which will be held on March 14 in the Barva de Heredia Park, artists from several Latin American countries will participate.

The SÓLODOS EN DANZA Festival in Costa Rica is co-produced by the Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica and supported by Iberescena.

It is a Social project, which has to do with opening scenic spaces outside the metropolitan area, spaces that are diverse and socially vulnerable. We bring high quality art to children, young people and socially disadvantaged populations, using the collaboration of neighborhood associations, municipal, independent artists, public and private institutions that can provide logistical support and enable the long-term project. The different collaborations make it possible to boost the culture, a tool for social awareness, improving the quality of life of people. SÓLODOS with this mobility strategy builds broadcast networks, a scenic circuit, supported by the artists themselves and people from different communities.





PROGRAMME MARCH from 12 to 14


International companies: Miguel Ángel Punzano · Tejido Conectivo from Spain, Miguel Tornero · Compañía Improvisada from Spain, Nacho Cárcaba from Spain and Elisa Medina · Pájaro Mosca from México.


National companies: Corpóreos de Quepos from Costa Rica, Compañía Nacional de Danza from Costa Rica, Flor de Caña from Costa Rica, Ensamble Festival de San José from Costa Rica, Compañía de Cámara Danza UNA from Costa Rica and Camilo Regueyra from Costa Rica.


International Finalists of Creation Contest of Duets and Solos : María Soledad Caamaño from Argentina, Zurisadai González and Yansi Méndez from México, Zurisadai González and Patricia Rivera from México, Alejandro Chávez Flores and Racso Cabrera Hernández from México, Patricia Rivera from México, Marcelo Javier Guaigua and Lemia Boudhiaf from Ecuador, Camila González and William Retana from Costa Rica, Ana Viera and Luis Ortega from México.





Place: San Pablo School- Municipality of Barva de Heredia. 


12.30 - 2.00 pm WORKSHOP with Miguel Ángel Punzano and Miguel Tornero from Spain.

Place: Sólodos Space in Barva de Heredia.


2.00 - 3.30 pm WORKSHOP con Nacho Cárcaba de España.

Place: Sólodos Space in Barva de Heredia..


3.30 - 5.00 pm  FORO SÓLODOS EN DANZA - Encuentro.

Place: Sólodos Space in Barva de Heredia.





Place: San Pedro School - Municipality of Barva de Heredia.


3.45- 4.45 pm MASTERCLASS to older people with Erick Jimenez.

Place: Skawak Square, San José.



·Kuzushi  / Miguel Ángel Punzano · Tejido Conectivo and Miguel Tornero from Spain.

Direction and choreography: Miguel Tornero and Miguel Ángel Punzano

Dancers: Miguel Tornero and Miguel Ángel Punzano

Original music: David Cobo

The imbalance seems to be the natural state of the human being. Are you then condemned to live in permanent instability? Or maybe the balance is simply the correct and continuous management of the imbalance?


·Richard Charlie  / Nacho Cárcaba and Elisa Medina · Pájaro Mosca from Spain and  México.

Creation and performance: Nacho Cárcaba and Elisa Medina.

(manual to love pretty)

promise only what can be accomplished.

gift the sea

rhe hairs also love 

know accompany

allow your own living space

keep quiet slowly

·Didenoi / Corpóreos de Quepos from Costa Rica.

Choreography: Maruxa Salas.

Dancers: Rolbin Retana, Derek Benavides, Jarellis Chaves and Eddy López.

Artistic director: Carlos Ovares.


UNA Danza Joven, Escuela de Danza, National University of Costa Rica

Place: Barva de Heredia Park.



·Años luz / María Soledad Caamaño from Argentina.

Creation and performance: María Soledad Caamaño.

Light years dance a passage of states sublimated by trails of the absent, echoes, repetitions and conjugation with the space and emotions present. The small piece is constructed through buoys: the overwhelming intangibility of what is not and its evocations and the strength of the here and now, of the present materiality. A small window inland within the city, a light that comes on in the vertigo of distances.

·Errante Vagabundo ZuYari C-9190 / Zurisadai González and Yansi Méndez from México.

Creation and performance: Zurisadai González Fuente and Yansi Méndez Bautista.

ZuYari C-9190 is an asteroid belonging to the outer asteroid belt, found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, part of the Trojan group. Discovered on January 22, 2019 from the Cadorpec Observatory in Mexico City.

Physical Characteristics: Diameter 3.20 m.

Rotation Period: 24 seconds.

Spectral class Tholen Type A (Atiras).


·Eco’s ... Volar diez mil / Patricia Rivera from México.

Creation: Patricia Rivera.

Performers: Zurisadai González and Patricia Rivera.

This piece is created from the need to build a very particular movement language where the premise is that two bodies share the same axis, that is, try to be the same person, seeking to balance the weight from one side to the other and also achieve that one body can be the extension of the other, thus causing an echo of the movement.


·Nadie sale vivo de aquí / Alejandro Chávez Flores and Racso Cabrera Hernández from México.

Creation and performance: Alejandro Chávez Flores and Racso Cabrera Hernández.

Original music: Fernando de Ita.

A moment in which two characters explore the universe of war using the game through imagination. All experiences become an enjoyment to learn to kill and be part of this current universe. Possibility of existence in relation to madness and the human.

·Me fui con tu nombre / Marcelo Javier Guaigua and Lemia Boudhiaf from Ecuador.

Choreography and performance: Marcelo Javier Guaigua and Lémia Boudhiaf.

Text:  Jorgenrique Adoum.

Voice-over:  Julio Cortázar.

Fragile and heavy, the body manifests its vulnerability and its abandonment in diverse spaces where it travels in search of new encounters, new ways of perceiving an environment in which time and its materiality inhabit and undergo changes of state.

·+=ES / Camila González and William Retana  from Costa Rica.

Creation and performance: Camila González and William Retana.

Recognize oneself, share with an individual, understand a person from their point of view, indirectly experience the feelings and perceptions of the other; It could result in a reaction.


·Se toca con los ojos, se mira con las manos / Ana Viera and Luis Ortega from México.

Creation and performance: Ana Viera and Luis Ortega.

The world changes when two look at each other and recognize each other, love is undressing of names ”. Octavio Paz. The walk of two characters portrays a chance encounter that reveals the busy pace of Mexico City and its contradictions, a look at all those who are not seen.


·Construyendo algo que se borra / Rodrigo de la Cruz from México. 

Creation and performance: Rodrigo de la Cruz Abúndez.

Text: Sandra Luz Abúndez Benítez.

Sound space design: Rodrigo de la Cruz

Music: “La partida” of Victor Jara, “Sleeping Giant” and “Indian Summer” of Jónsi and Alex Somers.

Everything is deleted:


The shadows

The sounds

The rain.

And if it is the other way around?

Everything appears:


The bras

The nests


6.30 - 8  pm / FESTIVAL CLOSING.

·Dance National Company of Costa Rica.

·Flor de Caña from Costa Rica.

·Corpóreos de Quepos from Costa Rica.
·Ensamble Festival de San José from Costa Rica.
·Miguel Ángel Punzano and Miguel Tornero from España.
·Compañía de Cámara Danza UNA / Escuela de Danza UNA from Costa Rica.

·Camilo Regueyra and Elisa Medina from Costa Rica and México.






International companies invited

Baleia / Olga Magaña / Ararí Danza from Spain.

Idea, choreography and performance: Olga Magaña.

Music: Collage musical. Colaboration of Alejandro Lévar.

Atrezzo: Dita Segura.

Solo of contemporary flemish. 

His gut is the caliber of three soccer fields,

but it does not hold its breath excessively.

Sing pop to calm down and eat prawns until you get soaked.

He lives at the bottom of our sternum and in the blue ether before time ...

It does not pretend to be a mermaid.


Hakim / Isai Reyes from México.

Creation and performance: Isai Reyes Estrada / Compañía Imprudente Arte Escénico.

Hakim is under the rubble of old memories and other people's burdens, moving ideas, places, beliefs, gives him fresh perspectives of life. When it opens to other universes, it reaffirms something of its own and opens the window of its life, to wisdom.


Pie de limón / Camilo Regueyra from Costa Rica.

Creation and performance: Camilo Regueyra.

Music: Jorge Salazar Arroyo.

Motion translation of food flavors and textures. Cook the movement, dance a recipe.

Amo / Marco Orellana and Sebastián Brown from Chile.

Creation and performance: Marco Orellana and Sebastián Brown.

AMO is a piece of contemporary dance that reflects the relationship of his master with his pet. Complicity, madness, indifference and excessive love, relationships that are reflected in society and in the animal world.


Ese pájaro no puede estar en esta plaza / Violeta Iriberri and Raúl Lorenzo from Spain.

Winner of Creation Contest of Sólodos En Danza Ourense 2019 Festival.

Choreography: Violeta Iriberri.

Performers: Raúl Lorenzo and Violeta Iriberri.

Ese pájaro no puede estar en esta plaza drags us into the overflowing world of two characters, under an absurd plot with a non-existent bird, which places us as spectators in the observation of the conflict that removes them. A story connected by insinuations and half sung words, where something is suspected that agitates and flutters. Two characters exaggerated and full of fuss, under the drama and excessive anecdote, excess and subtlety, which give wings to this street uproar.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Orfanato of Linda Vista, Alajuela.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Ciudad Quesada Schools, Alajuela.

·Workshops with guests artists.

·International companies performance Sólodos en Danza in Ciudad Quesada.


·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in  San Carlos Schools.

·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza at Festival Cultural of CEART- TEC, Sede Regional de San Carlos - Devesa.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in San Carlos Schools.

·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza at Festival Cultural of CEART - TEC, Sede Regional de San Carlos - Devesa.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in San Carlos Schools.

·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza at Festival Cultural of CEART - TEC, Sede Regional de San Carlos - Devesa.



·Workshosp with guest Artists, Tilarán, Guanacaste.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Tilarán, Guanacaste.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Cañas, Guanacaste.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Centro Cívico por la Paz of Garabito, Puntarenas.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Quepos Schools, Puntarenas.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Quepos Schools, Puntarenas.

·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Quepos, Puntarenas.



·Workshops with guest Artists, Estudio Corpóreos de Quepos, Puntarenas.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Centro de Las Artes TEC of Cartago.



·International companies performance Sólodos En Danza in Gráfica Génesis, San José.



·Sólodos En Danza Forum and Festival Closing, Centro Cultural de España en Costa Rica · El Farolillo,  San José.



(*) Programme subject to change. Check www.solodos.es where the program will be updated


Artistic directors: Maruxa Salas and Erick Jiménez

Photographer: Pablo Vargas 

Production: Víctor López Carbajales, Manu Lago and José Andrés Álvarez Sanóu

Producers: SóLODOS Fundación / Neodans S.C. / Centro de Acopio La Sylvia / Ecoresolva

Coproducer:  Centro Cultural de España en Costa Rica

With the support of: Iberescena

Collaborators: Municipalidad de Barva / TEC / CND / UNA

With the collaboration of: Red A Cielo Abierto: Cádiz en Danza, Trayectos, Corpo(a)terra, Lekuz Leku, Figueres es Mou and Huellas. Deltebre Dansa, Chevah and Festival Rambla de Guatemala, Tres Hermanos, Proyecto de Danza Corpóreos de Quepos, Centro Cívico Por La Paz de Garabito, Proyecto Cuerpo y Alma, Casa Espiral, Vórtice Arte y Movimiento, Municipalidad de Tilarán, Centro de las Artes TEC en Cartago, ITCR / Sede Regional de San Carlos-Devesa, Centro Académico de Limón TEC, Certamen La Semilla, Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos - New York, Festival Internacional Cuatro X Cuatro of México, Pájaro Mosca, Galicia Danza Contemporánea, La Machine, Tejido Conectivo, Pájaro Mosca, Gráfica Génesis, Compañía de Cámara Danza UNA and UNA Danza Joven of Escuela de Danza de la Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud de Costa Rica, Universidad de Costa Rica and  Danza U, Concello de Ourense, Concellaría de Cultura and Auditorio Municipal de Ourense, Plaza Skawak and INAEM.